T8 Bang is a flax-based cracker for everyone who adheres to the LCHF style with a minimum carbohydrate content. It will help to improve the energy generation in the cells without the risk of getting better.


The improvement of the functions and health of the mitochondrial pool of the cell when using T8 Bang occurs due to two mechanisms:
1. Flaxseed oil, which is part of T8 Bang, supplies our body with medium-chain fatty acids. They are quickly absorbed in the intestines and spread with the blood flow to all organs and tissues, easily penetrating into cells. There, fatty acids are transported to the mitochondria and immediately included in the Krebs cycle – the main mechanism for generating energy in the form of ATP molecules.
2. In addition, flax oil is rich in vitamin C, and Arthrospira algae extract (another component of T8 Bang) is rich in vitamin E. Both of these substances are able to bind reactive oxygen species, that is, they have pronounced antioxidant properties. These properties are extremely important for the proper functioning of the mitochondrial pool of the cell. After all, free radicals damage the mitochondrial membrane, and sooner or later lead to the death of the entire mitochondria. The powerful antioxidants that are part of T8 Bang prevent this, thereby increasing the energy generation in the cell.

In addition, the active components of T8 Bang have a number of other useful physiological properties:
1. Flax seeds, in addition to vitamin E, contain vitamin B9 (folic acid). This acid is an important factor of cell division and growth, which is necessary for the renewal of all tissues of our body.
2. Arthrospira algae extract is the richest source of complete (containing all the essential amino acids) protein in the plant world. Also in this extract, in addition to ascorbic acid, vitamins A, D, E and group B are present. Finally, it provides our body with bioavailable iron.
3. Collagen is the main structural protein of our body, vital for the health of the bone and joint-ligamentous apparatus, as well as for the excellent appearance of hair, nails and skin.
4. Curcumin, , which is part of T8 Bang, will improve your memory, concentration and performance . It is a polyphenol with antidepressant and psychotonic properties.

This product is included in the LCHF (Low carb, high fat) diet, which means it contains the minimum volume of carbohydrates and is able to satisfy hunger without the risk of gaining weight. Today the line consists of 3 tastes: with Italian herbs, roasted mushroom and sour cream flavored or with superfood (spirulina and turmeric).

Nutritional value (per 100 g)
Fats 40,26
Proteins 17,71
Carbohydrates 3,46
Energy value 515 kcal/2155 kJ

Ingredients: flaxseed, food additive "Mushrooms and sour cream", salt.

Nutritional value (per 100 g)
Fats 37,03
Proteins 16,21
Carbohydrates 3,3
Energy value 515 kcal/1983 kJ

Ingredients: flaxseed, Italian vegetable filling with herbs, salt.

T8 BANG со спирулиной и куркумой:
Nutritional value (per 100 g)
Fats 37,25
Proteins 21,08
Carbohydrates 4,71
Energy value 444 kcal/1860 kJ

Ingredients: purified flax seed, spirulina, salt, white flax seed, collagen, turmeric.

Best before: 10 months from the date of production.

Storage conditions: store in a dry place at a temperature not higher than +25 C.

Contraindications: individual intolerance to the components.

Weight: 120 g