Genetic Test


We know how to increase your daily productivity by 20% and discover your internal resources; prevent dangerous diseases and what to focus on in your daily habits.

Seven gens will warn you about possible diseases related to your food culture, lifestyle and stress:

  • 1. TCF7L2 – this gen shows how stable the regulatory mechanisms of your carbohydrate metabolism are and if there is a risk of getting diabetes or excessive weight.

  • 2. ADRB2 – shows how the regulatory mechanisms of carbohydrate and fat metabolism work on the part of stress-realizing systems.

  • 3. PPARG – regulates fat storage and glucose metabolism.

  • 4. COMT – codes an enzyme which regulates the activity of adrenaline, noradrenaline, dopamine, the level of which affects many psychological functions.

  • 5. APOE – codes a special protein which takes part in the metabolism of triglycerides and cholesterol.

  • 6. MTHFR – codes an enzyme which takes part in the formation of methionine, an amino acid. Methionine is a powerful antioxidant protecting gens from mutations.

  • 7. UGT1A1 – takes part in the formation of an enzyme which decontaminates toxic molecules from the external environment, or own metabolites of the body; takes part in decontamination of all medicines and toxins entering the body.

UP-U decodes your DNA, and specially for you, our experts chose products that will suit your diet style. And knowing the traits of your genetics will become a unique tool to manage your abilities.

Have your UP-U genetic testing, get to know yourself and take control of managing abilities of your body!

How can I have genetic testing?
  • 1. Buy a set for the collection of genetic material

  • 2. Collect genetic material according to the instructions

  • 3. Put viscose swab buds in an individual packet

  • 4. Pay the cost of testing

  • 5. The order ID of your testing purchase must be written on the envelope (in a special field only)

  • 6. Send materials to 630007, Novosibirsk, ul. Kommunisticheskaya 40, BC Most, to Nikolay Usynin, office 1102. (Sending is made at the expense of the sender)

  • 7. Wait for the results within 21 days* to your e-mail

*from the moment the Company receives your materials
Attention! To have your genetic testing, you are required to use our original set for the collection of genetic materials!

Price: RUB 7,990