Anti-inflammatory effect of fir cell juice

The experimental research of the effect of cell juice of the Siberian fir on inflammatory processes was carried out in laboratory conditions in the Research Institute of Hygiene in Novosibirsk. Acute inflammation in experimental animal was modelled by introducing carrageenin. In animals, which were previously introduced the fir extract, the inflammatory edema was 2 times less than that of the control animals which were not introduced the fir extract. The content of white blood cells also restored, that was increased against the background of the inflammation. The preparation exerted a protective effect on the internal organs exposed to inflammatory stress.

Clinical studies were conducted in Tomsk in Children Polyclinic No. 1 on the basis of kindergartens. It is known that chronic infectious-inflammatory diseases in children lead to pathological changes of urine: leukocyturia, bacteriuria, haematuria. Studies in kindergartens showed that leukocyturia was found in 27% of examined children, bacteriuria – in 24%, haematuria – in 10%. After a course of the fir extract, a slight increase in the number of white blood cells and bacteria in urine was only found in 1.5% of children.