Antioxidant properties of cell juice of firs

Studies of the antioxidant properties of cell juice of firs were conducted with the participation of children from the radiation-tainted areas of Tomsk Oblast, as well as children with the attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder. The results of the studies reliably confirmed the reduction of the level of toxic products and the increase of catalase activity against the background of administration of cell juice.

Antioxidant properties of cell juice of firs

Clinical studies of antioxidative properties of cell juice of firs were carried out by the Chair of Biochemistry in the Siberian State Medical University in Tomsk. Changes in the antioxidative system were studied in the radiation-contaminated areas. The results of the study indicate the activation of processes of lipid peroxidation (LP) and the increase of the content of malonic dialdehyde (MDA) – a toxic product of LP in children from contaminated areas compared to the uncontaminated ones. These processes reduce the functional activity of cells, reduce the length of their life and disrupt homeostasis of the organism, reduce functions of the immune system and physical performance, resistance of the organism to diseases.

Activation of lipid peroxidation with accumulation of toxic products in children from areas of radiation contamination not only reduces the adaptive capacity of the organism, but may also precede the development of many types of pathology, which is observed in a group of children from the environmentally neglected areas.

Another study was conducted by the Chair in Children's City Hospital No. 2 and Children's Polyclinic No. 2 in Tomsk. Children with attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder participated in the study. There was a significant positive influence of the fir extract on the processes of lipid peroxidation. Catalase activity after the course of administration of the extract increased by 40%. The concentration of MDA was lower by 32.5% compared to the values measured before the therapy. Use of the Siberian fir extract for internal application in the scheme of treatment of children with ADHD is accompanied by improvement of dynamics of neuropsychological manifestations and condition of oxidative processes in children with ADHD, which is due to its antioxidant action.