Influence of cell juice on the nervous system of children

The impact of fir cell juice on the children who started to attend kindergarten for the first time in their life was studied in Tomsk Children Polyclinic No. 1. The adaptation period was quite easy for the children taking cell juice, there were nearly no sleep and appetite disorders, they easily contacted with the others. The adaptation of children not receiving cell juice was severe.

A study of adaptogenic properties of cell juice (extract) of Siberian fir was conducted in Tomsk Children Polyclinic No.1 on the basis of kindergartens. Children passing the adaptation period in the kindergarten participated in the study. The extract exerted a positive impact on the nervous system of children, and the result was that the adaptation period was much easier.

Positive changes of the emotional state and contact with the others were observed at the behavioral level in children. Disorders of sleep onset, sleep and appetite related to the transition from the home regime to the kindergarten regime were smoothed and almost never met. Adaptation to the new conditions in the mild and medium degree were mainly observed in children against the background of the administration of the extract, whereas adaptation in the severe form prevailed before the administration of the extract.