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T8 Extra

T8 EXTRA – A unique concentrate with the increased content of fir cell sap

Using the concentrate you can make a fragrant vitamin energy drink with an extraordinary fir flavor. It is an ideal choice for people leading an active life, for athlets and fitness fans.
Due to the double content of fir cell sap the drink has enhanced antioxidant properties. It makes you more vigorous and enduring, reduces the time of recovery after physical exercise and helps to cope with oxidative stress which is the main cause of fatique.

  • Potent antioxidant properties of the iron-maltol complex activate the body’s natural defense against the urban environment.
  • Bio-available iron saturates the tissues with oxygen.
  • Polyprenols stimulate the energy exchange and launch the body rejuvenation processes at the cellular level
  • Original technology of the raw materials gentle treatment allows to preserve all the healthy natural nutrients that fir needles contain.
  • Just let the concentrate dissolve in half a glass of water or any other liquid and enjoy the extraordinary taiga flavour!
  • Recovery and optimization of the energy exchange, increasing the natural energy potential and combating the age-related energy shifts
  • Strengthening natural antioxidant body defenses
  • Improvement of mental and physical performance and memory
  • Protection against the age-related weakening of intellectual abilities
  • Strengthening the nervous system, protection from stress and overwork
  • Recovery and normalization of liver function
  • Strenghtening of the heart muscle, normalization of its contractile activity, protection from heart attacks
  • Activation of the skin regeneration processes, improvement of its appearance and internal condition
  • Hair and nail improvement, stimulation of their growth
  • Normalization of hormones, improvement of the reproductive function
  • Excellent health and a great mood every day