What is SibXP® Complex?

It is no secret to anyone that Siberian coniferous trees grow and thrive in extremely harsh conditions. Their age is up to hundreds of years, they easily survive in temperatures from -50 degrees centigrade in the winter to + 50 degrees centigrade in the summer, all the while their branches stay alive, and their needles remain juicy and green. And even after these trees shed their needles, the latter will remain dense and green on the ground for quite a while without turning yellow or rotting .
For over 80 years Russian scientists have been researching the phenomenal vitality of taiga trees. The latest discoveries and achievements in this area have been embodied in the exclusive formula of SibXP® Complex.

Lots of energy. Staying active. Living a long life.

SibXP® Complex is a complex of biologically active substances and micronutrients for daily use. Each drop of the complex contains the vitality and energy of conifers, potent antioxidants and nutrients that are necessary for life.
Possibilities of SibXP® Complex are unlimited. It gives us energy, rejuvenates our body from within, combats oxidative stress that challenges our health on a daily basis.

Precisely selected composition

Each portion of SibXP® Complex contains everything necessary to increase the tone and vitality, repair the cellular structure, boost energy generation processes in cells, improve metabolism and other important physiological processes.

Natural and eco-friendly

All the components of SibXP® Complex are 100% natural and safe, as they are extracted from living fir needles by the gentle treatment technologies. Only ecologically clean wild raw materials go into production as they are gathered in pristine Siberian forests.

The components effectiveness and safety are proven

At present there is a huge database of preclinical and clinical trials, proving the effectiveness and safety of all the components of SibXP® Complex. The result is guaranteed by experts and approved by hundreds of people who have experienced its effect first-hand.