What is MITO?

MITO is the basic source of every person's health, their main resources, energy, immunity, mood, the coordinated work of all organs and systems.

MITO is a unique and main focus of VILAVI, which distinguishes us from other companies. This is a technology of integrated impact on mitochondria.

The mitochondria is what is inside our cell and produces energy for the whole organism as a whole, providing it with maximum productivity and efficiency during the day. Thanks to healthy mitochondria, our body does not succumb to chronic fatigue syndrome, copes with stress more easily and provides us with healthy sleep.

Why do people need MITO?

Mitochondria are the basis of human life and energy. They are part of the cell and are responsible for the conversion of organic substances from food into energy for the body. Maintaining the health of mitochondria is the basis for the functioning of the body.

Over the past hundred years, the conditions of our external life have changed dramatically. Poor—quality food, antibiotics, stress loads, poor ecology - all this directly affects the mitochondria, worsening their condition.

The main task of mitochondria is to provide the body with energy. Any production needs not only equipment, but also raw materials. For mitochondria, these are raw materials — glucose and fats that we get from food, and oxygen that we inhale: mitochondria use 80% of its volume from each breath.

To understand what role mitochondria play and how important their work in the cell is, it is necessary to consider examples of how the body behaves under conditions of limitations of vital resources for it.

For example, how many people can survive without food or water? A person can live for 8-10 days without food, while its body will no longer be able to function normally. It can live only 3-4 days without water.

And how much can a person do without oxygen? As a result of numerous experiments by scientists and researchers, it turned out that on average a person can spend up to 180 seconds (3 minutes) without oxygen. But brain cells begin to die already in the first minute. Significant brain damage occurs after 3 minutes.

Oxygen is the most important component for human life. Why? Oxygen allows mitochondria to produce energy for your existence.

If oxygen is not supplied to your mitochondria, your body cannot exist.

MITO helps the body to restore the missing resources, affecting the human body comprehensively.

An integrated approach includes working with the cell, and also provides an impact on external factors, such as sleep, stress, external energy.

How MITO appeared

For 12 years, VILAVI has been actively studying the topic of youth prolongation, trying to find ways to optimize the body's resources by influencing cells.

Along the way, we have been moving in this direction in search of innovative solutions for influencing the cell from the inside, as a result of which the company has opened a new niche for business development — MITO.

What makes up MITO

MITO is an integrated effect on the body as a whole.

The complex includes:

Step 1: Nutrition

Food can give us energy that the cell can use, if you use a sufficient amount of "right fats" in your diet. The LCHF strategy is suitable for this.

Ketones are small molecules that the liver produces from fat. Ketones serve as an additional source of energy for tissues during fasting, improving the condition of our mitochondria.

They are an efficient fuel that leads to the formation of new mitochondria.⁣

Step 2: Circadian rhythms

Circadian rhythms affect energy balance and metabolism, and nutrition at the same time affects a person's weight.

This is due to the regulation of genes that control metabolism. For example, there are NAD+/SIRT1 clock genes When their activity is lowered, the work of mitochondria in cells worsens, which leads to fatigue and slows down metabolism. Also, disorders in the work of circadian genes increase the risk of diabetes and the appearance of excess weight.

Step 3: Physical activity

Regular exercise changes the structure of mitochondria in muscle cells. For example, the density of crystals (folds of the inner membrane of mitochondria) in the mitochondria of athletes was much higher than in the mitochondria of less athletic participants.

This structure allows athletes' mitochondria to produce 25% more high-energy ATP. Thus, athletes demonstrate increased endurance due to the higher-quality work of mitochondria.

Step 4: Minimizing stress

Stress is a very complex process that cannot be reduced to a single mechanism. Mitochondria are very important for neurological functions, because neurons require a lot of energy.

Under the influence of psychological stress, the number of short segments of mitochondrial DNA in the blood sharply increases, which leads to a deterioration in the quality of your mitochondria.

Step 5: Activating the proper functioning of mitochondria using MITO products

At the very beginning of the journey, we came up with the idea of creating a special product that can provide the body with energy and replenish it with the resources necessary for life. This is how the idea of creating SibXP Complex was born, which included the company's first product T8 EXTRA.

Then we started a deeper study of working with the cell. This is how the T8 STONE product appeared, which provided the body with a mild detoxification, removing heavy metals from the body.

We continued our search and immersed ourselves in the topic of cell renewal and the energy of the body as a whole. We discovered new approaches and cultivated in people the idea of an energy source that can be maintained and optimized — this is how a new ERA product line was born, aimed at optimizing the energy of the body.

Step by step we moved in this direction, and each small find pushed us closer to the big destination that MITO had become.

Even then we understood how global is what we are doing and in which direction we are going. This is the first time we have seriously talked about mitochondrial health.

The complexity of the company's products which is the foundation in matters of mitochondrial health was the culmination.

MITO BASE is a synergistic work of products to optimize the resources of the body. The complex includes 5 products aimed at the high-quality work of mitochondria.

MITO BASE reduces the pathological load of the modern lifestyle and the environment on the mitochondria and improves carbohydrate and fat metabolism in the body. This helps to keep body weight under control and supply each cell with enough energy for its optimal performance.


Over time, VILAVI has made a breakthrough in mitochondrial health.

With the help of innovative products that have no analogues in the modern market, the company has created for its customers and partners a full-fledged program to ensure MITO-health, which is designed to help each partner and client of the company not only restore and maintain the proper functioning of mitochondria, but also to become a real expert in the field of mitochondrial health.

The MITO program includes workshops where you can understand the LCHF strategy and easily give up carbohydrates, which is undoubtedly the most important element in the quality work of your mitochondria, and products that provide comprehensive support for mitochondria, working in a complex scheme.

Knowledge from leading experts in the field of mitochondrial health, who clearly and simply explain how the mitochondria works, share many years of experience in this field, and also give individual practical recommendations.

The MITO program also includes monthly online conferences "OPTIMYZER", which touch on various topics related to your health — both physical and emotional. All topics are interconnected and aimed at improving mitochondrial health and increasing the expertise of each partner and client of the company.