T8 EXTRA is a unique coniferous cell concentrate for the preparation of a drink that provides improved energy exchange, immune support, and normalization of liver functions.


Product description and its advantages:

T8 EXTRA is a 100% natural concentrate based on SibXP Complex with a double portion of fir cell juice, which is highly bioavailable to the body with higher efficiency compared to conventional forms of polyprenols and fir cell juice in other products.

For the production of T8 EXTRA, we use uncultivated raw materials, namely needles of coniferous trees from the Siberian taiga. High standards and a unique production process allowed us to obtain the world's first T8 EXTRA product, which is based on the innovative SibXP Complex with a double portion of fir cell juice.

Useful properties of T8 EXTRA:

  • Adjusts the processes of energy generation and storage;
  • Regenerates liver cells;
  • Improves brain function, protects its cells from death and strengthens memory;
  • Provides resistance to stress and reduces fatigue;
  • It has an anti-inflammatory effect;
  • Enhances the body's immune defense;
  • Reduces cholesterol and strengthens the walls of blood vessels;
  • Normalizes the hormonal background, improves reproductive function;
  • Improves metabolic processes.

What you will get after using T8 EXTRA:

Recovery: your body is protected from oxidative stress, which means that you are resistant to physical and mental stress, get tired less and recover faster.

Immunity: you have increased production of natural interferon. You are protected from seasonal colds and common infections.

Blood vessels: cholesterol levels decrease, and the walls of blood vessels become stronger and more elastic. The risk of atherosclerosis and stroke is reduced.

Liver: your liver cells regenerate, its functions are restored, protecting the body from toxins of harmful substances.

Brain: you are less susceptible to age-related changes, mental performance increases, reaction speed improves, intellectual abilities increase.

Heart: Your heart muscle becomes stronger, the heart rate normalizes and the coronary blood flow improves.

Nervous system: your resistance to psychoemotional stress increases.

Mitochondria: the integrity of your mitochondria is restored, the production of energy substrates (ATP) increases.

Active ingredients:

SibXP Complex is a unique, patented complex of three components, which allowed us to obtain an exclusive formula for the best result of the product.

The key feature of SibXP Complex is the synergistic effect of polyprenols with a purity of 90%, fir cell juice and coniferous complex CGNC. It contains a whole complex of useful substances: vitamins, phenolic acids, flavonoids and a large number of macro- and microelements, including iron, zinc, magnesium, manganese, copper.

  • Polyprenols with a concentration of 90% - help to restore damaged cells, stimulate the work of all parts of the immune system, improve metabolism, play an important role in the production and restoration of energy. Currently, we use polyprenols of 90% concentration, which enhances all biological effects due to the increased concentration of polyprenols;
  • Fir cell juice - makes you more cheerful and more resilient, reduces recovery time after exertion and helps to cope with oxidative stress. Cellular juice includes in its composition:

    Maltol is a powerful natural antioxidant (binds oxygen free radicals, reducing their destructive effect on the body).

    Bioavailable iron is the most important trace element needed to saturate cells with oxygen.

    Magnesium is an element involved in all stages of energy and protein synthesis in the body. It is responsible for maintaining the normal function of the nervous system, heart muscles, promotes the removal of cholesterol from the body.

    Phenolic acids - improve blood quality, prevent blood clots from sticking together, antioxidant.

    Flavonoids are an indispensable component of human nutrition, improve metabolism.

  • Coniferous complex CGNC — is a powerful stimulator of tissue and cell regeneration, enhances metabolic processes, has a restorative effect on the body. CGNC in SibXP serves as an emulsifier. The whole complex is a stable homogeneous mixture with it.

There are companies that try to use these components separately, but only VILAVI is the first company in the world that was able to combine 3 fractions using an original, patented technology and preserve all biologically active substances in an unchanged natural state with high bioavailability.

How T8 EXTRA works on MITO (Mitochondria):

SibXP complex normalizes the functions of cellular "power plants" — mitochondria.

Polyprenols are natural bioregulators that turn into dolichols in the liver. And dolicholes are an important component of the integrity and working condition of the membranes of all cells of our body. Membranes are present not only in cells, but also in mitochondria – the "power stations" of the cell. Moreover, the production of energy in the form of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) molecules in mitochondria occurs just on the inner membranes. This means that their condition is critically important for the energy supply of the cell. Finally, constant active chemical and electrical processes on the inner membranes of mitochondria inevitably damage them. This naturally leads to a deterioration in energy production, and then to the death of the mitochondria. Dolichols help to restore the integrity of the membranes, thereby prolonging the life of the "power plant" and stimulating its work. The second reason why T8 Extra polyprenols improve energy production in mitochondria due to their antioxidant properties is to reduce oxidative stress and ensure the efficient operation of mitochondria.

The higher the stressful conditions (environmental factors, improper nutrition, stress) in which mitochondria work, the more leaks occur, which lead to the appearance of superoxides – oxygen ions with a free electron. These are the so-called free radicals or "reactive oxygen species" and they are the main cause of oxidative stress in the cell, as well as the destruction of mitochondrial membranes by free radicals. Antioxidant compounds, including polyprenols, help break this vicious circle. At one end of their molecules there is a site that quickly and firmly binds reactive oxygen species, completely neutralizing their aggressive action.

Method of application T8 EXTRA:

Dissolve 1 ml (2 taps on the cap of the pipette or ⅔ pipette) in a glass of water at room temperature (NOT hot) twice a day. It is not recommended to use it late in the evening. The daily serving of * T8 Extra is 2 ml.

Contraindications: individual intolerance to the components.

Ingredients: SibXP Complex (increased portion of Siberian fir cell juice, polyprenols (concentration 90%), coniferous complex CGNC). *In a daily portion of SibXP Complex, 1 ml of Siberian fir cell juice. In T8 Extra - 2 ml.

Volume: 50 ml.