T8 Brain coffee is black coffee with polyprenols and MCT oil.


T8 Brain coffee is designed for the preparation of a morning invigorating drink saturated with healthy fats. It will allow you to get a boost of energy at the very beginning of the day, which means that you can spend it as productively as possible. The components of T8 Brain coffee stimulate the work of the mitochondrial pool of the cell and support its health.

For many, a morning cup of coffee is a necessary ritual, necessary to "turn on", enter the working mode. VILAVI specialists have found a way to enhance this stimulating effect.

The composition of T8 Brain coffee includes not only natural, professionally roasted and ground Arabica, but also T8 Brain oil – a product based on MCT oils and polyprenols:

  • Coconut milk powder and butter powder, which are part of T8 Brain coffee, have a high concentration of fatty acids with an average chain length (MCT - from the English: Medium Chain Triglycerides). Fatty acids serve as the main energy fuel for the generation of energy by mitochondria. And due to the small size of the molecule (unlike long-chain fats) MCT oils are quickly absorbed in the intestines and easily penetrate through the membranes into the cells. This is what provides you with a quick influx of energy after drinking T8 Brain coffee.
  • In addition, one of the components of T8 Brain coffee is T8 Brain oil. In addition to more MCT oils, it also contains polyprenols, for which high antioxidant activity has been experimentally confirmed. This means that polyprenols are able to neutralize free radicals that are formed in the mitochondria during the synthesis of energy molecules – ATP. This means that these free radicals will no longer be able to damage the mitochondrial membranes, which increases the efficiency of the entire mitochondrial pool of the cell.

T8 Brain coffee will help you instantly wake up and "without rocking" enter the rhythm of the working day. And its original composition slightly changes the taste of the usual coffee, adding a soft and very pleasant nutty shade to it.

How to use T8 Brain coffee?

Usually, it takes 2-3 tablespoons of the mixture from the package to prepare one cup of coffee. Place them in a French press, pour boiling water over them and wait for 4 minutes. That's it! Good morning!

What are the advantages of BRAIN COFFEE over regular coffee?

Components ERA BRAIN COFFEE Regular coffee
100% Arabica
Dry coconut milk
Dry butter

Ingredients: Pure 100% Arabica Medium Roast Ground Coffee, Dry Coconut Milk, Dry Butter, BRAIN OIL, “Chocolate” Nature-identical Flavouring Agent

Shelf Life: 12 months

Nutrition Facts:

Nutrients Amount per 100 g
Proteins 12,2
Fats 21,9
Carbohydrates 6,6
kCal 281 kCal/1,116.3 kJ