T8 BRAIN OIL is an oil of vegetable origin with medium -chain triglycerides and polyprenols. This product is important for those who want to improve the functioning of their brain and at the same time supply the body with energy without the risk of gaining excess weight.


The peculiarity of this product is the simultaneous content of fatty acids and polyprenols. Fatty acids are represented by caprylic and capric acid, which is obtained from coconuts. These compounds belong to the so-called MCT oils.

MCT is an abbreviation for "Medium Chain Triglycerides", that is, triglycerine acids with an average chain length. Such medium-chain fats are very quickly absorbed into the blood, and from it they enter directly into the cells. There they penetrate through the mitochondrial membrane and are immediately included in the Krebs cycle – the main mechanism for generating energy in the form of ATP molecules.

The second active component of T8 BRAIN OIL is polyprenols.

For the proper functioning of the cellular mitochondrial pool, the pronounced antioxidant properties of polyprenols are important, first of all. In the process of energy generation, the by – products of such reactions-reactive oxygen species-are formed on the mitochondrial membrane. They are also often called free radicals. The physiological amount of free radicals is useful for the body. They perform a signaling function, taking part in the regulation of certain metabolic processes in the cell and mitochondria. However, when their number exceeds the physiological norm, due to their chemical aggressiveness, they can also damage the enzyme proteins and lipids of the mitochondrial membrane, impairing the operation of these "power stations".

And the higher the stress conditions in which mitochondria work, the more such substances generated. In addition, the number of free radicals additionally increases at:

  • excess of simple carbohydrates in the diet;
  • lack of physical activity;
  • lack of sleep;
  • chronic stress.

Reactive oxygen species are the main factor of oxidative stress. At the cellular level, it is appeared by damage to enzyme complexes and mitochondrial membranes, deterioration of their function and, finally, the death of mitochondria. To break this vicious circle will help substances-antioxidants, a bright representative of which are polyprenols. Their influx makes it possible to ensure the most active work of the mitochondrial pool of the cell, which means intensive energy generation, and at the same time reduce the level of damage from oxidative stress.

How to use T8 BRAIN OIL? This is an oil that can be used as an additive to any food. It can be mixed with various dishes or prepare delicious and flavorful drinks based on it. The daily dosage of T8 BRAIN OIL is 30 ml, which must be divided into two doses per day, 15 ml each.

What are the advantages of ERA BRAIN OIL?
Caprylic acid (С8) 70% 20-60% 8-13%
Capric acid (С10) 30% 20 - 40% 5 - 7%
Content, the least ketogenic MCT (C12) 0% 30-50% 45-65%
Polyprenols 1/4*
t◦ cloud point -12◦ -12◦ 25◦
* from the daily dose of polyprenols

Ingredients: MCT Oil, Polyprenols.

Storage: Store in a dry place at room temperature. No special conditions for storage or transportation required.

Shelf Life: two years

Suggested Use:
1. 15 ml 2 times a day
2. Add to any dish
3. Add to drinks

Nutrition Facts:

Nutrient Per 100 g
Proteins 0%
Fats 100%
Carbohydrates 0%
kCal 833 kCal

Volume: 280 ml

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