How safe is aluminum packaging?

At present aluminum packaging is one of the safest. Aluminum serves as excellent protection of food products from the external environment, at the same time it does not affect the contents of the package, as its surface is covered with protective film made from aluminum oxide both on the outside and the inside. The protective film is durable, highly resistant to wear and tear, it does not allow the product to come into contact with the metal, hence the packaging is absolutely safe.

The only factor that can damage that kind of protective film after a long period of exposure is an aggressive acid. But since the concentrate T8 extra is ph-neutral, it can be stored in that package with absolutely no harm done to the protective film or our health. We have opted for the aluminum package because of its safety, but also because it is light-weight, manufacturable, durable, impact-resistant, as well as economical in production and transportation. Another advantage of that kind of packaging is that aluminum bottles are the greenest thing in todays’ world – they can be recycled countless number of times with no harm to the environment or the quality of the material itself.