What raw materials are used to produce T8?

The quality of the raw materials used in the production of SibXP®Complex as well as the Complex-based drinks plays a vital part in the effectiveness and safety of the products. The entire T8 line is produced only from the natural ecologically clean raw materials that are generously provided by the Siberian taiga.

All three components of SibXP®Complex are extracted from fresh needles of taiga conifers, primarily from fir needles. At the same time we do not chop down trees just for that purpose – coniferous twigs are purchased from Russian timber companies, that only need tree trunks for their production. Before the processing begins experts thoroughly check each twig for possible mold and admixtures, they also measure the width of each twig and check other indicators. As a result, all the raw materials comply with the Russian State Standard ГОСТ 21769-84 «Woody verdure. Specifications».

To produce directly extracted berry juices, which are part of T8 Blend, we only use wild berries, picked in different areas of the Siberian taiga. The control of the raw materials is exercised by the production laboratory according to the regulations on acceptance of berries, the quality of its work is confirmed by the Declaration of Conformity ТР ТС 021/2011 «About the safety of food products».