How is T8 different from other similar-based dietary supplements?

The main difference of SibXP®Complex and the drinks based on it from any other products is a combination of three components in one formula. We have made up this product from the oil extract of polyprenols, a water fraction of the cell sap and pastelike fir needle complex CGNC that retain all their valuable properties. This combination is our exclusive know-how and our main innovation. This Three in One presented as SibXP®Complex has been introduced into the market for the first time and at present has no analogues.

The second important distinction of SibXP®Complex is closely connected with the first – it is a complex approach. The combination of the three active components tones you up and gives you vitality as the formula simultaneously deals with a number of problem areas. The complex repairs damaged cells and restores the functions of cellular membranes and mitochondria, the latter acting as cellular «power stations»; It protects our cells from the damage of free radicals, provides them with the sufficient amount of oxygen, activating the generation of energy; it launches processes of cellular regeneration, which rejuvenates our body from within and eliminates age-related energy shifts.

Finally, the third main distinction of SibXP®Complex–based drinks from various dietary supplements is their form. You don’t need to swallow capsules or pills, dilute powder in water or do any other procedures – you are just enjoying this delicious and fragrant drink any time you want and just the way you like it!