Is maltol really safe as part of the complex?

Maltol as part of SibXP®Complex is absolutely safe for our health for a couple of important reasons.

Firstly, maltol used as a dietary supplement is obtained chemically, by alkaline hydrolysis of streptomycin salts. Maltol as part of SibXP®Complex is a natural form of maltol, obtained through carbon dioxide extraction technology. In this technology no hydrolysis, no salt or streptomycin is ever used. Chemical maltol is a white powder, whereas maltol as part of SibXP®Complex is in a liquid form, in exactly the same way as it occurs in living plants.

Secondly, maltol as part of SibXP®Complex is presented in a safe concentration. The acceptable daily intake of maltol is 1400 mg/kilo. A grown-up man of the average weight can consume about 126 000 mg of maltol and be safe at the same time. To get such a dose, one would have to drink 120 bottles of T8 extra in one day! And if we take into account the fact that we need water to let T8 extra dissolve in it, then we would have to consume 1280 litres of the drink in one day. Naturally, this cannot be done.