Are T8 high–energy drinks?

All energy drinks that are present in today’s market have different kinds of stimulators as part of their formula, notably caffeine. The mechanism of caffeine stimulation is linked to the work of hormone adenosine, which is produced in cells as a byproduct of energy consumption. The more active the cell, the more adenosine is accumulated in it. A cell needs adenosine to get some rest – the latter fills and activates special cell inhibitory receptors. The more adenosine is in a cell, the «slower» it gets, its stimulation and its functioning intensity goes down.

By its composition caffeine is almost identical to adenosine. Once it gets into our body, it «pretends» to be adenosine and fills the inhibitory receptors, but unlike the real adenosine it does not activate them. The cells do not get the signal to slow down and they keep working at full capacity, getting no respite and totally using up their energy reserves. Meanwhile, adenosine is released and accumulates within a cell. As soon as the effect of caffeine wears off, adenosine fills all inhibitory receptors and the cell literally switches off. Now it will take way more time and resources to recover.

SibXP®Complex acts in a totally different way. It activates the generation of energy within a cell at the level of mitochondria, which are «power stations» of a cell, increasing its energy reserves. The natural cycle of activity and inhibition of a cell is not broken here. What is more, thanks to SibXP®Complex the damaged cellular structures get repaired, the numbers of mitochondria rise, cells get more oxygen, the process of the energy exchange becomes more active and effective, and natural biological processes are restored.