SibXP® Complex Basic information about SibXP® Complex

At the heart of Tayga8 drinks lies the innovative SibXP Complex, which enhances the production and accumulation of energy in the body. The formula of the complex is a combination of three ingredients, derived from living pine:

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It is a unique complex that restores the structure of cells. Due to this, there is a strengthening of all body systems and optimization of natural energy exchange, which helps to keep the charge at long distances, "take out the program", it is easy to Wake up in the morning and be charged all day.

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The cell produces energy from glucose and oxygen, but free radicals damage the membrane and penetrate, damaging the cell and disrupting the supply of glucose.

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Consider this process in more detail. Our product consists of three key elements:

• Polyprenols • The Cell SAP of fir • Pasta CGNC