How does SibXP® Complex work?

The cell produces energy from glucose and oxygen, but free radicals damage the membrane and penetrate, damaging the cell and disrupting the supply of glucose.

Polyprenols converted to dolichol that restore the membrane. They protect the cell from free radicals, inhibit the peroxidation of membranes, and cells actively receive glucose.

Fir cell juice contains iron, which improves the supply of oxygen to the cells.

CGNC complex has the property of a powerful antioxidant and eliminates free radicals, as well as normalizes metabolism.

Due to this:

• Recovery and rejuvenation of the body • Normalization of metabolism • Increase immunity • Strengthening the nervous system • Protection from stress

As a result, you get:

ENERGY: you are resistant to stress, less tired and recover faster.

ANTISTRESS: you are optimistic and cheerful, easily tolerate any psycho-emotional stress. You are always in a good mood.

BRAIN: Improves brain function, accelerates reaction, memory becomes stronger. You are protected from age-related changes in intelligence and Alzheimer's disease. Blood

VESSELS: the cholesterol level decreases, and the walls of blood vessels become stronger and more elastic. Reduces the risk of atherosclerosis and stroke.

HEART: Heart muscle becomes stronger and more elastic, heart rate is normalized, coronary blood flow is improved.

LIVER: liver Cells regenerate, its functions are restored, increasing the protection of the body from toxins and harmful substances.

IMMUNITY: Increases the production of natural interferon. You are protected from seasonal colds and the most common infections.