What is SibXP® Complex?

It is a unique complex that restores the structure of cells. Due to this, there is a strengthening of all body systems and optimization of natural energy exchange, which helps to keep the charge at long distances, "take out the program", it is easy to Wake up in the morning and be charged all day.

Key features SibXP Complex – a combination of the effect polyprenols, cell SAP of fir and pine complex CGNC. There are companies that try to use these components separately, but only we were able to combine them in one product. This is our know-how. It was technologically difficult, but we did it.

The result is a powerful complex that helps the body produce more energy and quickly restore energy reserves. So that how Tayga8 was born.

SibXP Complex is:

Energy. Activity. Longevity.

SibXP Complex is a complex of biologically active substances and micronutrients for daily use. Each drop of the complex contains the vitality and energy of coniferous trees, powerful antioxidants and essential nutrients.

Opportunities of SibXP Complex are endless. It gives energy, rejuvenates the body from the inside and fights oxidative stress, which daily challenges our health.

Precisely selected composition

Each serving of SibXP Complex contains everything you need to increase tone and vitality, restore cell structure, enhance the processes of energy production in cells, improve metabolism and other important physiological processes.

Natural and environmentally friendly

All components of SibXP Complex are completely natural and harmless to the body, because it is obtained from live pine needles with care processing technologies. In production we use only environmentally friendly raw materials wild gathered in the pristine forests of Siberia.

Proven efficacy and safety of components

A huge base of preclinical and clinical studies has been collected to confirm the efficacy and safety of all components of SibXP Complex. The result is guaranteed by experts and approved by hundreds of people who have experienced their effect on themselves.